Business Synergy

The Broussard Group recognizes that businesses face complex challenges and require comprehensive solutions. 

We assist businesses by bringing a unique blend of Healthcare, Technology, and Professional Services designed to meet the various needs of organizations of any size.

Our diversity of knowledge and understanding of the issues facing businesses allows us to bring a team-oriented synergistic solution to our clients.

Group Teamwork

Business does not exist in a vacuum and each area of service in your organization directly impacts your others.  

When working with service providers and vendors there is a great advantage in cost, time, and efficiency by choosing one that is designed to work together and complement each service while providing your business with the results you need to make your company more profitable.


  • Palative Treatment
  • Accounting Management
  • Billing & RN Consulting
  • Healthcare Backoffice
  • LTC Pharmacy Services
  • Cloud Technology & Hosting
  • Contract Therapy

About Us

  • The Broussard Group, LLC was founded in 2003 to create a mutually supporting team of specialized healthcare companies, accounting services, and technology managment solutions to provide comprehensive services for businesses managing senior care.  Based in Lake Charles, Louisiana we provide services to more than 12 states.

Corporate Offices

T: 337 439 - 6600

F: 337 439 - 6647

One Lakeside Plaza
127 W. Broad St. #800
Lake Charles, LA 70601