Get To Know The Broussard Group

We are a part of the senior care community.

Our Story

The Broussard Group (TBG) relies upon over 40 years of experience serving long-term care providers to help our clients improve resident outcomes through excellent clinical services and to maximize our clients’ facility investments.

The nucleus of The Broussard Group began when Reuben Broussard founded the CPA firm of Broussard & Company in Sulphur, Louisiana in 1978.  Over the next 15 years, Reuben developed a niche addressing accounting and other financial issues for long-term care providers in Louisiana.  During the mid-90’s, Reuben, Ken Broussard, and Beth Broussard recognized a need and opportunity to offer a broader spectrum of services to the senior care community when skilled nursing facilities in Louisiana were experiencing rapid changes to their reimbursement structure.  Soon, Broussard Healthcare Consulting was organized and quickly became a leader in clinical and reimbursement consulting for skilled nursing facilities in the region.  These two companies, under common ownership, became known as “The Broussard Group”.

The Broussard Group serves hundreds of long-term care operators in various states across the country.

The experiences we gained serving the senior care community through CPA and Healthcare Consulting Services (clinical) eventually led to the organization of several other related companies under the TBG umbrella between 1999 and 2012.  Under Ken’s leadership, TBG launches several supporting companies that provide valuable integrated services to senior care facilities including: Synergy Care (Therapy Management), Charleston Healthcare (Facility Management), Partners Pharmacy (Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services), and Server@Work (Technology Management and Support).

Today, The Broussard Group is led by Ken Broussard and his team of specialists who cover all clinical, operational, and financial areas of senior care.  We welcome you to contact us to find out how we can help your business maximize its’ potential.

Our Team

Ken Broussard

Ken Broussard, CPA

President / Chief Executive Officer

Ken Broussard is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience providing service to the senior living community. Ken is the President of The Broussard Group and co-founder of its various divisions. More on LinkedIn  

Beth Broussard

Beth Broussard, CPA

Chief Operations Officer

Beth Broussard is a CPA and one of the founding partners of Broussard Healthcare Consulting. Beth specializes in senior care healthcare regulations and financial analysis of long-term care operations.

Reuben Broussard

Reuben Broussard, CPA

Founding Member (Retired)

Founder of Broussard & Company, CPA’s (Retired) in 1978. Reuben’s specialization in long-term care services ultimately resulted in the forming of The Broussard Group.

Todd Broussard

Todd Broussard, CPA

Chief Administrative Officer

Todd Broussard is a Certified Public Accountant with experience providing financial services to a variety of health care related entities over the last 20 years. Todd is the CFO/ VP of Finance for Synergy Care, Inc., which specializes in therapy management for long term care facilities.

Ken Oakley

Ken Oakley, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Ken Oakley serves as the CFO for The Broussard Group and the Controller for many of the divisions of The Broussard Group. Ken is a practicing CPA for over eight years. More on LinkedIn  

Micheal Goodwin

Micheal Goodwin, CISA, MCSA, MCITP, MCTS

Chief Information Officer

Micheal Goodwin is the CIO of The Broussard Group and the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Server@Work. Micheal has over 20 years of IT experience working in the secure healthcare space. More on LinkedIn  

Andrea Billen, MEd, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT

VP of Operations of Synergy Care

Andrea is a Speech Pathologist and serves as Senior VP of Operations for Synergy Care. Synergy is TBG’s therapy management division. Andrea has been with Synergy since its’ inception in 1999.


Rick Delrie, NFA

Co-Founder of Partners Pharmacy

Rick is co-founder of Partners Pharmacy – TBG’s long-term care pharmacy division. Rick previously serves as chief operating officer of Charleston Healthcare – TBG’s skilled nursing facility management division.

Maureen Cormier, PharmD, RPh

Pharmacy Manager of Partners Pharmacy

Maureen is the pharmacy manager for multiple locations of Partners Pharmacy – TBG’s long-term care pharmacy division. She was the original pharmacist-in-charge for the first Partners Pharmacy location in Southwest Louisiana.

Jason Fuller

Jason Fuller, NFA

Chief Operating Officer of Charleston Healthcare

Jason is the COO for Charleston Healthcare – TBG’s skilled nursing facility management division. Jason is a licensed nursing facility administrator in Texas and in Louisiana.

Business Solutions for Healthcare Providers

The Broussard Group has a unique understanding of the challenges the senior living community faces because we operate within many of the same spaces.

We developed our expertise by both serving the long-term care community and also by joining it directly through nursing home ownership, long-term care pharmacy ownership, hospice ownership, and starting a contract therapy management program.

Over the past 40 years we have had some failures and many successes.  We use all of these experiences to help our clients improve their resident outcomes and also to enhance their business success.

Every manager, consultant, and staff person you work with at The Broussard Group has direct real-world experience in the service they provide which makes us the best partners you will work in the senior care industry.