Therapy Management

Long Term Care therapy management and program services.

Therapy Management Challenges

Difficulty maintaining staffing and managing costs

Staffing senior care therapy departments is a volatile task requiring dedicated recruiting resources and a never-ending effort acquiring and keeping therapists.  Therapy talent acquisition is compounded by some of the highest salary costs in the nursing home business and requires a mix of experienced therapy professionals with newly licensed therapists to round out a cost-effective therapy department.

In addition to managing therapist payroll and therapy costs, therapy department mistakes in coding and scheduling cost nursing homes greatly in denials and denied claims management.  It does not take long for a therapy department to become a management and financial drain on nursing home operations.

How The Broussard Group Helps

Dedicated recruiters and therapy management

The Broussard Group helps senior living providers run their therapy departments by addressing the most difficult tasks in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy by providing:

  • Complete therapy program management
  • Dedicated full-time therapist recruiters
  • Operations management with assigned Area Managers
  • Coding and therapy training
  • Program manager training and supervision
  • Denials research and management
  • PPS/Utilization Review

Our LTC therapy management team has consulted and supported hundreds of Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Outpatient Therapy providers.

Let’s Get Started

Custom Therapy Programs

Complete therapy program management

Many long-term care providers choose to run an in-house therapy program but find that tracking and managing therapy costs can be difficult. This leads to hidden therapy department costs and mismanagement of therapy resources.

Our team of seasoned therapy management professionals, all certified therapists themselves, along with our CPA’s and accountants, create a therapy program customized for your facilities that provides excellent resident therapy outcomes while also caring for your nursing home budget.

Benefits of Our Therapy Programs

OT, PT, SLP Therapist Recruiting

Full-time recruiting of OT, PT, and ST therapists with hiring statistics, projections, and dedicated recruiters for your area.

Training & Continuing Education

Therapist education does not stop at graduation and neither do we.  We help our therapists meet continuing education requirements with timely on-topic training.

Multi-Level Management

Improve your therapy department with our multi-level management program which provides oversight from the financial level down to the individual therapist.

Denials Management

Our responsibility to your bottom line does not stop in the therapy gym.  We have a team of claim denial experts who manage your denial process to completion.

Management & Reporting

Therapy oversight including financial management, performance monitoring, and therapy department health KPI’s.

Portable Smart Charting

We use tablets and mobile devices to provide resident care in resident rooms and common areas to increase therapy access.