Senior Care Clinical and Operational Expertise

Simplified Healthcare Delivery for Patients and Businesses

The Broussard Group provides business and clinical solutions for Long-term Care providers, Skilled Nursing facilities, Senior Living Communities, Outpatient Therapy Clinics and Hospitals, including:

  • Healthcare Accounting
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments
  • Management Services
  • Closed Door Pharmacy
  • IT Consulting
  • Clinical Training and Therapy Services

Our Services


Full service back office accounting, bookkeeping, and medical billing for SNF, pharmacy, and hospice.


HIPAA and Financial compliance  audits, Security Risk Assessments and policy creation.

Charleston Healthcare


Full service capabilities to enhance the quality of our residents’ lives and care for their special needs with dignity and compassion.


Turnkey non-retail pharmacy setup and management for long-term care and other healthcare providers.


EMR setup, security management and HIPAA compliant desktop hosting with IT-as-a-Service managed technology solutions.

Synergy Care


Contract therapy management with staffing, financial reporting and complete claims resolution.

Improving Healthcare and Business

The Broussard Group provides training, consulting and management for healthcare providers to improve the health of the patients we serve – and the operational health of our organizational partners. Serving dozens of states across the U.S., we deliver custom solutions that make a difference.

Led by Accountants, Therapists, Pharmacists, Nurses and NERDS.

There is nothing simple about providing senior care so we assembled a team of professionals to address all the intricacies of your organization and provide a complete healthcare consulting solution from pencils to pills.

Our team includes:

  • Accountants and CPAs
  • HIPAA Compliance Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Medical Billing Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Therapists – OT, PT, SLP

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The Broussard Group provides business, clinical, operational and risk consulting and management to healthcare providers. We support Long Term Care providers, Assisted Living communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Closed Door Pharmacies, Therapy Management departments and many other healthcare providers.