Long-Term Care Facilities

LTC consulting and operational management services.

Long-Term Care Challenges

Declining Rates & Rising Costs

With more Americans seeking senior care solutions, it should be a boon for long-term care operators.  But with US Federal and State governments pushing Medicare and Medicaid rates lower while technology and staffing costs are rising, nursing home and senior care providers are presented with mounting challenges to meet their high standards for resident care while also running a profitable operation.

How The Broussard Group Helps

CPA’s, RN’s and IT People

The Broussard Group has over 40 years of experience managing the finances of senior care providers.  We see long-term care from the business side and understand the challenges that senior care providers face.  Our accountants analyze and optimize long term care business operations and work with facility administrators and owners to effect real financial changes to overcome the burden of healthcare regulations and staffing requirements.

While focusing on the business-side of operations, we do not neglect the clinical aspects of senior care.  Our clinical team works with care givers and clinical operations to ensure quality resident care is provided which benefits residents and will help with surveys and ultimately result in improved facility ratings.  Our on-site and remote training will keep your nursing staff current with changing compliance requirements and we will assit your team with training on emerging healthcare technologies.

Our technology division creates HIPAA Risk Analysis documentation and Risk Management plans as a part of your overall HIPAA security compliance program.  Our CPA Auditors and Certified Information System Auditors conduct SOC audits and Security Risk Assessments for reporting to hospitals, the government, and other covered entities.

Let’s Get Started

EMR Software Implementation

Point Click Care and American HealthTech Support

Long-term care providers are quickly adapting to electronic medical records, and with them, the greater reliance upon Information Technology in their organizations.  While EMR software’s like PointClickCare and AHT have become critical to delivering resident care, medicine, billing, and payroll, organizations lack the expertise to fully integrate and manage their healthcare solutions to maximize their investment.

The Broussard Group IT professionals, RN’s, and accountants assist providers looking to migrate between software or who are looking to implement their first EMR.  Contact us for a free EMR consultation.

Enhance Resident Care & Increase Profitability

Improve on Your 5-Star Rating

Work with 5-Star Quality Rating System experts who identify issues in your facility and create action plans to address them to maximize your 5-Star rating.

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Get Faster Medicare Billing

Experienced medical billers submit, monitor, and manage Medicare and Medicaid claims and private insurance to increase your facility cash flow.

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Security Risk Assessments

HIPAA security risk assessments for senior living providers, healthcare covered entities, and business associates.

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Nursing Home IT Management

Ensure maximum service up-time and technology support with a fixed cost IT technology plan designed for nursing home budgets.

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Start Your LTC Pharmacy

Gain better control over your medication process by partnering with other senior care providers and starting a closed door pharmacy.

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Therapy Management

Off-load staffing concerns and management to the therapy management company that has optimized LTC therapy management for over 15 years.

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