Long-Term Care Pharmacy Management

Turnkey closed door pharmacy for LTC and related healthcare providers.

LTC Pharmacy Challenges

Difficult start-up process and management

Many senior care providers see the potential of a closed door LTC pharmacy but lack the time, resources, and experience to get it started.  There are many legal and operational challenges unique to pharmacy operations that challenge even the largest long-term care providers.

Depending upon the size of your senior care organization, you may require partnership with other regional senior care providers to get the number of facilities needed to make your non-retail pharmacy work.  Joining operators into a mutually beneficial partnership requires a level of financial responsibility and transparency that is difficult to attain without an experienced third party bringing partners together.

This is where The Broussard Group’s LTC pharmacy experience and transparent partnership model helps senior living providers go from conception to completion.

How The Broussard Group Helps

Turn-key closed door LTC pharmacy startups

Our pharmacy management team joins regional like-minded senior care providers into a transparent, cooperative pharmacy operation designed to deliver senior residents with beneficial cost-effective pharmacy solutions.  Our team handles permits and licensing, pharmacy build-out, membership marketing, management, and daily operations.  This enables senior care providers to enjoy the enhanced availability of medication to their residents and to achieve better control of their costs to provide resident care.

Let’s Get Started

Pharmacy Start-ups

Take Your Pharmacy Vision to the Next Level

Many long-term care providers are turning to closed door pharmacies as a way to offset their rising resident care costs and declining reimbursement rates.  By pooling the resources and needs of regional like-minded nursing home providers, The Broussard Group helps senior care operators start their own non-retail pharmacy while we transparently provide financial management and run daily operations.

Contact The Broussard Group for a free consultation to discuss your path to your LTC Pharmacy.

Benefits of Our LTC Pharmacy Support

Pharmacy Financial Management

Non-retail pharmacy financial management, cash flow management, and daily operations.

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Vendor Management

Negotiation and management of delivery service contracts, medication fulfillment, and reimbursement contracts.

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Pharmacy Software Hosting

IT management of pharmacy technology including virtual pharmacy desktops, desktop support, and pharmacy server support.

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Staffing & Payroll

Pharmacy staffing, human resources, and payroll support for an independently operating pharmacy with transparent financial management.

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Turn-Key Pharmacy

Turn-key pharmacy management for senior living providers to work with other independent operators to collectively operate and support their own LTC pharmacy.

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Pharmacy HIPAA Compliance

Ensure HIPAA security compliance through pharmacy audit programs and standardized reporting.  Protect patient data through HIPAA compliance.

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