Pharmacy Support

Non-retail pharmacy startup and pharmacy management for healthcare providers.

Long Term Care Pharmacy

Long-Term Care providers are increasingly looking to closed door pharmacies to help deliver timely medication to their residents while gaining cost controls to combat the rising costs of providing resident care.

Closed door pharmacies operate much the same way as a traditional pharmacy except they provide pharmacy services exclusively to their senior care residents.  Because they operate like a traditional pharmacy, they operate under the same complex laws and requirements of public serving pharmacies and have the same management, HR, and operational difficulties.

The Broussard Group provides LTC pharmacy management and support from conception to operations.  We partner with senior living operators to create a custom local pharmacy that provides an additional pharmacy option to their facility residents.

Closed Door Pharmacy Startup

The Broussard Group created its first long-term care pharmacy in 2009 and has experience creating and managing closed door pharmacies in multiple states. Our management team helps with cost analysis and feasibility studies to ensure that a closed door pharmacy is in your organizations best interest.  After due diligence is performed, we handle all the tasks to startup your non-retail pharmacy including:

  • LTC Pharmacy Licensing
  • Pharmacist-in-Charge and other Staffing Hiring and HR
  • Pharmacy Vendor Management including Contract Negotiations
  • Delivery Company Contracts and Management
  • Physical Location Selection and Construction Build-Out
  • LTC Facility Marketing, Sales, and On-Boarding
  • Daily Operations Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Pharmacy Payroll
  • Pharmacy Financial Reporting
  • Pharmacy Sales Tax Management
  • Pharmacy Tax Return

LTC Pharmacy Management

Even a small LTC pharmacy presents management challenges to nursing home operators.  The laws governing pharmacy operations, compliance and legal issues, and staffing are unique compared to nursing home operations and require a level of management that presents staffing and management challenges to LTC operators.  The Broussard Group has a specialized LTC pharmacy team consisting of:

  • Pharmacy Managers
  • CPA’s and Accounting Professionals
  • Medical Billers
  • IT Professionals
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals

Pharmacy Operations

Our management team of CPA’s and accountants closely monitor pharmacy operations to ensure we transparently meet investor benchmarks while providing excellent service to their residents.  As a part of our local staffing, we select pharmacists-in-charge with management skills unique to providing non-retail pharmacy services to investor nursing homes and senior living communities.

LTC Pharmacy Leaders


Ken Broussard, CPA

Ken uses his deep understanding of the long-term care community as an accountant, adviser, auditor, and also as an operator to create a LTC Pharmacy model that provides nursing home providers with the opportunity to open their own LTC pharmacy.

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